Simplified Church History

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This course is designed in a simplified form to aid participants in understanding the establishment of the ancient church, its growth, development, and challenges facing the church of God over the centuries. It also simplifies the events of the five distinct eras of Church History to the best understanding of participants.

Its intent is to promote unity in Christendom, as it serves as useful aid for assisting sincere and spirited participants in finding the church revealed and described in the Bible, in the midst of a myriad of different denominations in the present religious world.

It is indeed an eye-opener and a thought-provoking course necessary for both personal and group enlightenment of every spirited searcher of the truth.


Lesson One:

This particular lesson expounds the establishment of the ancient church in the first century (New Testament Era).  How and why the church membership rapidly grew during the New Testament period?

Lesson Two:

Participants will be exposed to the various difficulties and heresies that faced the church over the first four hundred years, which eventually led to the great departure from the New Testament pattern, and culminated in the development of the papacy.

Lesson Three:

This lesson explores the several activities of the “Dark Age”.  The particular period of Church History when the Bible was taken away from the reach of the common people, with the assumption that only the “priests” were qualified to read and understand it. The lesson also reveals the cause of the division of the papal Church into the Roman and Greek branches in 1054 A.D., as well as a brief analysis of the various crusades that were fought in different stages.

Lesson Four:

This lesson seeks to explore the reaction of the changes and corruptions in the apostolic order which culminated in the emergence of the sixteenth century Reformation.  It also traces the emergence of the spirit of nationality and the rise of denominationalism.

Lesson Five:

Participants will be exposed to the rise of Restoration movements that grew tired of division and confusion in the Christendom in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  The lesson also traces the spread of Restoration missionaries across Europe, America and Nigeria in particular.

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