The Bible finds us where we are, and if permitted, takes us where we ought to go.                – Anonymous

The Bible has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter – it is all pure all sincere, nothing too much, nothing wanting.
–    Locke

The Scriptures teach us the best way of living, the noblest way of suffering, and the most comfortable way of dying.
–    Flavel

Within that awful volume of the Bible lies the mystery of mysteries.
–    Scott

Little Things: Little self-denials, little honesties, little passing words of sympathy, little nameless acts of kindness, little silent victories over favorite temptations – these are the silent threads of gold which, when woven together, gleam out so brightly in the pattern of life that God approves.
–    F. W. Farrar

Some men who boast that they are self-made must look pitiful in the eyes of God.
–    Anonymous

The way you teach is important, and what you teach is more important, but how you live is most important.
–    Anonymous

The truly educated man is that rare individual who can separate reality from illusion.
–    Anonymous

A college education shows a man how little other people know.
–    Haliburton

They who provide much wealth for their children, but neglect to improve them in virtue, do like those who feed their horses high, but never train them to the manage.
–    Socrates

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.
–    Proverbs 22:6

It’s hard for a child to live right when he has never seen it done.
If our youth are to bring about peace in tomorrow’s world, they must be exposed to peace in today’s homes.
We cannot drift into success, loaf our way into achievement, or daydream into eminence.
Life does not offer us its best on easy terms.
A man is not bright because he burns the candle at both ends.
The person who agrees with you completely at all times is probably not worth talking to.
It’s bad to act like a fool, but it’s worse when you’re not acting.
Sluggish idleness – the nurse of sin
–    Spencer

Idleness travels very slowly, and poverty soon overtakes her.
–    Hunter

Evil thoughts intrude in an unemployed mind, as naturally as worms are generated in a stagnant pool.
–    From the Latin

Never invite trouble; it will accept the invitation every time.
–    Anonymous

Nothing conceals your laurels as much as resting on them.
–    Anonymous

It takes some people a long time to get nothing done.
–    Anonymous

An idea may be dressed in attractive words and still be stupid.
Thinking will get you to the foot of the mountain; faith will get you to the top.
–    Anonymous

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
–    Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the soul going out of itself for all its wants.
–    Boston

Faith lights us through the dark to Deity.
–    Davenant

Works without faith are like a fish without water, it wants the element it should live in.  A building without a basis cannot stand; faith is the foundation, and every good action is a stone laid.
–    Feltham

Look: Look back and give thanks. Look forward and take courage.  Don’t pin your faith – nail it!
We should act with as much energy as those who expect everything from themselves; and we should pray with as much earnestness as those who expect everything from God.
–    Colton

Man is a thinking being, whether he will or no: all he can do is to turn his thoughts the best way.
–    Sir. W. Temple

Thoughts are but dreams till their effects be tried.
–    Shakespeare

Worry reminds us of a treadmill – it can wear you to a frazzle, and you still don’t get anywhere.
–    Anonymous

Many people enjoy living in the past because it’s cheaper.
We crucify ourselves between two thieves: regret for yesterday and fear of tomorrow.
The best known popular sport today is running into debt.
Instant replay is when your wife finds out you haven’t been listening.
A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.
–    Anonymous

First get an absolute conquest over thyself, and then thou wilt easily govern thy wife.
–    Fuller

When a man marries a woman, they become one – but the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.
–    Anonymous

You can’t get into the Hall of Fame on a pass.
–    Anonymous

In Fame’s temple there is always a niche to be found for rich dunces, importunate scoundrels or successful butchers of the human race.
–    Zimmerman

Fame may be compared to a scold; the best way to silence her is to let her alone, and she will at least be out of breath in blowing her own trumpet.
–    Fuller

Some people have never had anything but experience.
–    Anonymous

I had rather have a fool to make me merry, than experience to make me sad.
–    Shakespeare

Experience may not be worth what it costs, but we can’t seem to get it for any less.
–    Anonymous

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other, and scarcely in that; for it is true, we may give advice, but we cannot give conduct.  Remember this; they that will not be counseled cannot be helped. If you do not hear reason she will rap you over your knuckles.
–    Franklin

Most of us find that it’s hard to take advice from people who need it more than we do.
As people grow older they grow quieter because there is more to be quiet about.
If something goes wrong, it is more important to talk about who will fix it than who is to blame.
If revenge is sweet, why does it leave such a bitter taste?
–    Anonymous

Rendering a needed service to others brings joy, contentment, and self-approval, and an hour of self-approval is worth a week of ordinary living.
–    Anonymous

Helping Ourselves:
To live in other lives, to do something for other people, to gladden those about us, is the true way to help ourselves.  Each one has a work to do in this great social organism, which he may shirk only at his peril.  Here are his school and workshop.  The real men and women are those who do something for the race.  Contrary to a defective and worthless life plan which has in it no provision for ministering to others.  To live to oneself is to live a narrow, cheap, and worthless life; to secure the true riches our life must give out its fragrance to fill all the circle in which we move.
–    David Sherman

A man who has friends must himself be friendly.
–    Proverbs 18:24

You can’t keep your friends if you give them away.
Chide a friend in private and praise him in public.
–    Solon

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.
–    Spanish Proverb

He who hath many friends hath none.
–    Aristotle

Purchase not friends with gifts; when thou ceased to give, such will cease to love.
–    Fuller

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
–    Aristotle

Friendship is the only thing in the world concerning the usefulness of which all mankind are agreed.
–    Cicero

When a man feels he is utterly useless, he is.
–    Anonymous

The human tongue was intended for a divine organ, but the devil often plays upon it.
A conversation is like a good meal.   You should leave it just before you have had enough.
–    Anonymous

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
First, men fight for freedom, and later gradually make laws to take it away.
–    Anonymous

Temptation bothers some people most when they can’t find any.
–    Anonymous

He who has no mind to trade with the devil, should be so wise as to keep from his shop.
–    South

‘Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.
–    Shakespeare

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living, the other helps you make a life.
–    Sandra Carey

An able man shows his spirit by gentle words and resolute actions; he is neither hot nor timid.
–    Chesterfield

There is a wide difference between general acquaintance and companionship. You may salute a man and exchange compliments with him daily, yet know nothing of his character, his inmost tastes and feelings.
–    Wm. Matthews

Make the most of the day, by determining to spend it on two sorts of acquaintances only – those by whom something may be got, and those from whom something may be learned.
–    Colton

That which we acquire with the most difficulty we retain the longest; as those who have earned a fortune are usually more careful of it than those who have inherited one.
–    Colton

Strong reasons make strong actions.
–    Shakespeare

Act well at the moment, and you have performed a good action to all eternity.
–    Lavater

Run, if you like, but try to keep your breath.  Work like a man, but don’t be worked to death.
–    Holmes

The best portion of a good man’s life; His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.
–    Wordswortth

Let no man presume to give advice to another that has not first given good counsel to himself.
–    Seneca

The worst men often give the best advice.
–    Bailey

We give advice, but we cannot give the wisdom to profit by it.
–    La Rochefoucauld

Let no man value at a little price a virtuous woman’s counsel; her winged spirit is feathered often times with heavenly words, and, like her beauty, ravishing and pure.
–    Chapman

As you are old and reverend, you should be wise.
–    Shakespeare

Care keeps his watch in every old man’s eye.
–    Shakespeare

When men grow virtuous in their old age, they are merely making a sacrifice to God of the Devil’s leavings.
–    Swift

Ambition is an idol, on whose wings great minds are carried only to extreme; to be sublimely great or to be nothing.
–    Southey

Airy ambition, soaring high.
–    Sheffield

Ambition is like love, impatient both of delays and rivals.
–    Denham

A slave has but one master; the ambitious man has as many masters as there are persons whose aid may contribute to the advancement of his fortune.
–    La Bruyere

The mind ought sometimes to be amused, that it may the better return to thought, and to itself.
–    Phaedrus

Be ye angry and sin not; let not the sun go down upon your wrath.
–    Ephesians 4:26

If anger is not restrained, it is frequently more hurtful to us, than the injury that provokes it.
–    Seneca