Mobile Bible School (MBS); as a Christian school without physical walls, and innovatively set after the Biblical and historically-proven “teaching approach” used by Master Jesus in the Emmaus account (See Luke 24:13-27) – “Mobile Scripture Learning”, equally offers another service on both 9mobile and MTN Nigeria airwaves.

This particular service is purposely designed to meet the prevailing worries of spirited people in the country, who earnestly desire an exciting exploration of the Word of God while they work (some, 24/7) to make ends meet.                                                            

Graciously, this particular service avails one the following exciting opportunities right on his/her phone:                                                

  • Bible-based courses, simple and totally undenominational.                                        
  • A systematic study of each book of the Bible in a short period and at one’s comfort and privacy.                                                
  • Clear and interesting outline that teaches the 5 distinct eras of Church History (The New Testament Era, Falling Away, The Dark Ages, The Reformation and The Restoration).
  • A simplified study kit for Sunday school and mid-week classes in churches.                  
  • Quality sermon material in each of the Bible-centered and totally undenominational course, with strong emphasis on faith.          

To become a beneficiary of MBS systematic Bible study and other completely undenominational courses on one’s phone, simply text MBS to 8444 on 9mobile network or text MBS to 55340 on MTN network. Service costs N10/day. Shalom!

NOTE: All proceeds go to MBS-AYE Initiative, and are used in training and encouraging workers/students for the Lord’s work.